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Popcorn Miracle


Hi friends! So if you’ve ever had stove popcorn, you would understand how good it is. My favorite food is popcorn, so I will eat any kind, but homemade on the stove is the best. Unfortunately, stove popcorn takes awhile, and creates sort of a mess. Plus, that microwave popcorn with the fake butter? Blech. At least compared to the real deal. So recently I made a discovery. I discovered how to make that same stove popped popcorn, but in the microwave! This is much easier and saves you a ton of money! So here we go:

This is all you need:

~loose, un-popped popcorn
~1/4 cup measuring cup
~ordinary brown paper bag
~glass measuring cup
~unsalted stick butter (to melt)
or you can make any of your own toppings!

Step 1: Pour the loose popcorn into a 1/4 cup measuring cup.

Step 2: Pour the popcorn into the paper bag.

Step 3: Fold the top of the bag over twice, as seen in the picture. Make sure and crease it well!

Step 4: Put the bag into the microwave. Use the popcorn setting, or if you don’t have that setting, about 3 minutes. When the popcorn is slowing down, if you can wait about 3 seconds between pops, you might want to take it out. Just use good judgement!

Step 5: Remove bag from microwave! Contents: yummy. If you please, melt some butter and pour it over your popcorn! Then sprinkle with some salt. If you’re looking for a different taste, then by all means, go ahead and explore!

Well that’s all, folks! I really hope you enjoy this super easy and inexpensive popcorn method (that tastes better too)! In the long run it will save you lots. Snack on! ~jill