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Music Review: Sara Bareilles ~ Kaleidoscope Heart


Hi everybody!

So recently I stumbled across a not-so-new-but-still-fabulous-cd by Sara Bareilles! She really got started with her hit single “Love Song”, which I love. So when I discovered that there was more from her I was so stoked! This has become one of my very favorite albums. She has such a distinct and beautiful voice! It starts out with a harmonized all-vocal tune that I love so much. It heads straight into “Uncharted”, one of my favorites off the

Imageentire album. This album has a really jazzy and different vibe to it that is awesome. Following with “Gonna Get Over You”, “Hold My Heart”, and “King of Anything” Sara really shows what her music is all about. With layered instruments and gripping lyrics Sara really did wonders! Ending perfectly with the beautiful song “Bluebird” this album is complete. I highly suggest it if you’re looking for something new! I can’t wait to see what’s to come! ~jill


Dave Matthews Band Live Music (((:


How goes it friends? So, I have this awesome friend who goes to alot of concerts! And he just so happened to meet a taper at one of these concerts and get the Charlotte, NC 2012 tour (Not where we live, so don’t try stalking us there (; )  DAVE MATTHEWS BAND CONCERT!! I’m super duper excited & I decided I would show you guys how to get it! If you’re not all fancy and technimilogically good (I’m one of those people who’s not!) fear not! For I have some pictures to walk you through it (:

Step Une. (French!)

Go to one of the links! (I’ll put them at the bottom of this post) And then hit download.

Step Deux!

You’ll be prompted with this box… Hit save!

Step Trois!

Find a place on your computer to save it. Anywhere you’ll know to find it should be fine!

Step Quatre!

Now we wait for it to load. *Cue Jeopardy music*

Step Cinq!

If you’re one of the vast and many iPod users (which I most certainly am!) then you can download this into iTunes! Just go to iTunes, hit “File” (at the top right) and hit “Add File to Library”. Find where you put the files and click on them! If you wanna download them all at one time, use shift to select them all (:

So there ya go! If you like Dave Matthews Band, then this is for you. Even if you don’t, I say give it a shot! It’s free, & they’re a fantastic band! Now, have at these links…

Part 1:  https://www.box.com/s/a4b8bc35a2c03830ccfa
Part 2:  https://www.box.com/s/6c94ede732052515505f
Part 3:  https://www.box.com/s/12e8be0fd31959eb244b
Part 4:  https://www.box.com/s/cfa2834140f0bac2ca6c

Hope you like it! xxx Maureen