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3 easy steps to transform old Toms.


Aloha! Jillian here, and I am here to show you a little something I dreamed up. So I had Toms. Beautiful, red, lovely Toms. Then I wore them too much. Then there were holes in the shoes… And it was not pretty. So for about 5 months they were thrown in the back of my closet, supposedly to never be touched again. Until one day I was cleaning out my closet and I found them! So I started thinking… What can I do to make these wearable again? And thus the Toms sandals idea was born! So if you like how they look and have some of these supplies handy, then go for it! Directions:

You will need…
~Some old holey Toms
~Fabric scissors
~A cheese grater/a rough rock

This is super easy, are ya ready? Here we go:

Step 1: Set Toms on ground.

Step 2: Cut around seams with fabric scissors.

Step 3: Take your cheese grater or your rough rock and wear down the edges as you wish! If you like ’em clean cut, then don’t do anything! But they’ll probably get worn down anyway… Anywho, you’re done!

If your soles are really worn down then I suggest getting insoles to put in them. Be nice to your feet! I hope that this tutorial deemed helpful; I really enjoy my Toms sandals! Have a good day. ~jill