How to make a paper crane!


Hey friends! So if you noticed, our background is in a room that is covered in paper cranes. Well that is my room.(: So I thought that I should teach you how to make them! Here’s basic DIY paper crane. It might look intimidating, but trust me, it’s simple! Let’s get started. [Match the numbers for the corresponding picture(: ]

1. Start with a perfectly square piece of paper. Decorate the paper as you please! Make it fun.(: I decorated mine with You can check this by folding it diagonally, into a triangle! Which indeed it…
2. …step 2! So fold your square piece of paper into a triangle!
3. Do it again! Fold your big triangle into another, smaller triangle.
4. Lift one of the flaps…
5. …and stick your finger in it! Then fold it down flat, matching the center line up with the center line beneath it.
6. Fold it flat!
7. Flip it over, and you should see a similar thing that you can lift up.
8. Fold it flat just like you did on the other side!
9. Make sure that the bottom part of your crane-to-be looks like this!
10. Lift up the first flap on either side and fold it into the center crease.
11. Do the same on the other side.
12. Now unfold it!
13. Here comes the most tricky part: lift up the bottom

 top flap and pull it upwards. Start bringing the sides inward.
14. Match up the side of the paper that is coming inward to the center line. Flatten it out…
15. …and then do the same to the other side. Make sure that both sides line up and that the top point meets at the right places. Just mess around with it until it looks right!
16. Do the same folding in and folding up on the other side!
17. Make sure that the part where it splits is at the bottom.
18. Take the top flap on the side and fold it in about halfway.
19. Finished product of #18.
20. Do the same on the opposite side!
21. Flip it over and it should look like that.
22. Fold in again!
23. ALMOST THERE! See how it kind of opens up on the side?
24. Fold it inward to make its tail/head.
25. Do that on the opposite side too!
26. So choose one of the sides and do that same thing that you did with folding the body up, but fold a small portion of it down.
27. Fold the wing down!
28. Turn it over and it looks like this.
29. Fold the other wing down and you can stand it up like this.
30. So if you want the full 3D effect, you can kind of pull the wings apart and you can see how it expands? Well pull it apart a little and push down!
31. If you keep pushing and then pull the corners out a little then it flatten it out! Just keep messing around with it until it looks how you want.
32. TADA!! The finished product.

Well that’s all that it is! I hope that this how-to proved helpful and informative to you.(: Hang them up, sit them down, display them however you want! And if you keep on making them, your collection will multiply quickly. Enjoy! ~jill


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